October 13, 2015

Putin Puts Netanyahu On Notice About His Air Support For ISIS In Syria

If only the President of the United States was brave enough to give Netanyahu such a warning. . . he would be crowned king of the world overnight.

Israel absolutely has legitimate national interests, and it should take every precaution to defend itself from the chaos in Syria, but when you go out of your way to make trouble in your neighbourhood by supporting terrorist groups like ISIS who enslave minorities, rape women, and brainwash children to be God's soldiers at age five then, sorry, but you're asking for it at that point. The same goes for Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and other countries in the region who are supporting ISIS.

An excerpt from, "France: seeking old mandate in Syria" by Sarkis Tsaturyan, Voltaire Network, October 6, 2015:
"The Israelis are in an uproar, especially after these words from Putin: “We respect Israel’s interests related to the Syrian civil war. But we are concerned about its attacks on Syria.” Translated from the language of diplomacy, this is a warning. Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon retorted, “Israel is not coordinating its operations in Syria with Russia.” He feels that the border between the Jewish state and the Arab Republic is the exclusive prerogative of Tel Aviv. The Kremlin is not contesting this position, which stems from the Israeli vision for the Middle East’s future borders (including Jabal al-Druze). The problem lies elsewhere. Without outside help, would Israel be prepared to survive a political earthquake in the Muslim world?"
An excerpt from, "America Reels as Putin “Redline’s” Israel" by Gordon Duff, Veterans Today, October 13, 2015:
There was no mention of Israel during President Putin ‘s momentous UN speech. However, at the press conference afterward, things took on an unusual turn. There, President Putin announced an intelligence sharing relationship with Israel’ military high command based on what he noted was Israel’s national interests in the security of Syria.

Then he said something startling. We still have to discuss the problem of Israel’s air attacks (on Syria).

With President Assad’s official request, in accordance with international law, for military aid from Russia, Putin’s statement takes on a whole new meaning, particularly since Russia will be deploying advanced air defenses over Syria along with air superiority fighter aircraft.

The free reign of Israel, who has continually attacked the Syrian army in support of ISIS forces now known to be reinforced with as many as 800 specially trained Israeli Army commandos, may well be coming to an end.

Putin’s statement about dealing with Israel and their illegal air attacks on Syria was ignored by the world’s press. Putin’s tone, almost as an afterthought, was far from benign or innocent.

One reason the West chose to pretend it was unsaid is simple. Imagine President Obama coming to the American people about the Russian threat to Israel:

“Russia is threatening Israel with retaliation for their illegal support of the ISIS terror organization and their use of American weapons and munitions to help ISIS conquer the Middle East. America cannot allow such Russian interference and must continue to support not only the State of Israel but the ISIS and al Nusra terror organizations both in the Middle East and around the world as we have for decades.”

October 7, 2015

Darwin's Heretic: Did the Co-Founder of Evolution Embrace Intelligent Design?

"Alfred Russel Wallace: A Rediscovered Life" by Michael A Flannery (2011).

Title:  Darwin's Heretic: Did the Co-Founder of Evolution Embrace Intelligent Design? Source: Alfred Wallace. Date Published: November 6, 2011. Description:
One of the most renowned biologists of the nineteenth century, Alfred Russel Wallace shares credit with Charles Darwin for developing the theory of evolution by natural selection. Yet one part of Wallace's remarkable life and career has been completely ignored: His embrace of intelligent design. "Darwin's Heretic" is a 21-minute documentary that explores Wallace's fascinating intellectual journey and how it sheds light on current debates. The documentary features University of Alabama at Birmingham Professor Michael Flannery, author of the acclaimed biography, "Alfred Russel Wallace: A Rediscovered Life." You can purchase a DVD of this video plus more than 30 minutes of bonus material at http://www.darwinsheretic.com.

October 6, 2015


Title: Belgium: NATO's Stoltenberg urges Russia to "de-conflict" in Syria. Source: Ruptly TV. Date Published: October 6, 2015.

October 5, 2015

State, Church, and National Identity in Putin's Russia

"Irina Papkova is a Research Fellow at Georgetown University’s Berkeley Center For Religion, Peace and World Affairs. She received her Ph.D. from Georgetown University and has previously taught at Georgetown and George Washington Universities. Her book, “The Orthodox Church and Russian Politics,” was published by Oxford University Press and Woodrow Wilson Center Press in 2011. Irina’s current research includes Lebanese politics and the Secular Lebanon movement." (Source).

An excerpt from, "Russian Orthodox church backs ‘holy war’ against Isis" The Times, October 1, 2015:
Russia’s influential Orthodox Church declared yesterday that airstrikes against Islamic State targets ordered by President Putin were part of a “holy war” on terrorism.

Vsevolod Chaplin, an archpriest, said that the church supported the decision to attack Isis targets.
The Russian intervention in Syria should be supported by the international community because ISIS is a threat to peace, freedom, and humanity. But, Russia's leaders made a major rhetorical misstep early on by injecting the language of religion and talk of "holy war" into this fight. This was a stupid, unnecessary, and counter-productive move. There is no need for a Russian priest to legitimize Russia's actions against ISIS. Say what you want about U.S. interventions in the Middle East, but it has wisely never depicted its wars as "holy wars" against Islam. Russia should've followed this road map and refrained from using the church to justify its airstrikes in Syria.

Video Title: State, Church, and National Identity in Putin's Russia. Source: BYU Kennedy Center. Date Published: June 5, 2015. Description:
Irina Papkova
Research fellow, Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs

What kind of society should post-Soviet Russia be, and what is the place of the Orthodox church within it?

Assad Takes A Clear-Eyed Approach To Fighting Terrorism, Saying "We Should Fight The Thought" That Creates Groups Like ISIS

"President Assad: These terrorist organizations, whether ISIS, Jabhat al-Nusra or al- Qaeda are mere manifestations of a long and deep perversion in our region and our society. This perversion is at least five decades old; but it practically started two centuries ago with perverse interpretation of Islam. The main manifestation of this perversion is the Wahhabi movement which interpreted Islam in a perverted and, in most cases, contradictory manner with the import of Islam itself. So, these are mere manifestations.

Dealing with this short term damage, which is related to the terrorist acts, the destruction and killing they are carrying out, is not easy, but certainly possible. Dealing with it will constitute a victory for society, an important victory because it protects it against a disease and a real epidemic.

The big danger is for this treatment to take a long time and for these organizations to become entrenched within society. In that case you will be dealing with a very dangerous, cultural and intellectual situation. You will be before a new generation of ideological terrorists who believe in killing, takfir and discrimination as a basic method for building an Islamic State, as they believe. Then, the whole region will face a huge dilemma. This type of thought has no boundaries. It does not recognize political borders. It spreads, through contagion, very quickly in our region, and even in Europe, as we see today. That is why these organizations are extremely dangerous, but it is not enough to fight them as organizations. More importantly, we should fight the thought which led to the creation of these organizations, the states which promoted this type of thought and the institutions which provide funds for this thought through religious schools and foundations which promote extremism in the Islamic world." (Source).
There is no question that the governments of the U.S. and Europe have contributed to the growth of the ISIS cancer and other variations of Islamic terrorism by allowing the Saudi government and other Arab monarchies to build radical mosques and religious schools in their societies.

Do these governments ask what type of teachings will be taught in these places before permitting them to be built? Do they know that immigrant Muslims are being radicalized in these places? Do they know that these Wahhabi mosques and religious schools are having an effect on the spread of terrorism? Do they care?

Assad made lots of good points in the interview posted above. In one part, he said that most of the leaders of terrorist organizations like ISIS come from northern Europe, whereas the rank and file come from Arab countries and other Muslim nations. This speaks to the fact that Wahhabi mosques that are funded by Saudi Arabia and other Arab monarchies have played a fundamental role in the growth of ISIS.

These Western-supported monarchies, whose support since 1979 has been increasingly dependent on the backward Wahhabi clergy, have penetrated the immigrant Muslim communities in Europe, and other regions as well.

What is the response from Western governments and politicians to this reality? Silence.

Bill Bailey on Alfred Russel Wallace | Natural History Museum

Video Title: Bill Bailey on Alfred Russel Wallace | Natural History Museum. Source: Natural History Museum. Date Published: July 3, 2013. Description:
Comedian Bill Bailey shares his huge admiration for Alfred Russel Wallace who died 100 years ago in 1913. Not only did Wallace co-discover natural selection, the driving force for evolution, he also founded a new field of biology - the study of the geographical distribution of animals.

Webster Tarpley On Russian Airstrikes In Syria

Video Title: Russia Bombing ISIS in Syria, Washington Must Coordinate with Moscow to Avoid Dangerous Incidents. Source: Webster Tarpley Radio. Date Published: October 4, 2015.

"They will defend themselves. This is not the Afghan army, it's not the Iraq army. This is the Syrian one, and they fight." - Webster Tarpley.