August 29, 2016

In the Memory of Baloch veteran leader Shaheed Nawab Akbar Bugti

Pakis kill the Baloch and then cry "Zionist conspiracy" when they fight back. Muslim states are truly pitiful.

Video Title: In the Memory of Baloch veteran leader Shaheed Nawab Akbar Bugti. Source: Rahim Bakhsh Bugti. Date Published: August 28, 2016. Description:
this video is dedicated to the baloch veteran leader #ShaheedNawabAkbarBugti on his tenth martyrdom anniversary on 26 August 2016 by Baloch Activist @laljanBugti

Video Title: Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti New English Interview Israel News Talk Radio 2016 (Part 1). Source: Rahim Bakhsh Bugti. Date Published: June 16, 2016.

Video Title: Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti New English Interview with Israel News Talk radio 2016 (Part 2). Source: Rahim Bakhsh Bugti. Date Published: June 16, 2016.

The War In Syria Is About Israel/Palestine

The war in Syria has nothing to do with overthrowing a dictator, democracy, human rights, freedom, or anything of that sort. The truth is that Syrians are bleeding and dying by the hundreds of thousands because Iran, Assad and Hezbollah want to continue to wage their war on Israel and liberate Palestine.

Syria is a key chess piece for them in a much greater war. It is a link in a chain. As Nasrallah recently said in an interview, the war against Syria via ISIS and other Jihadist proxies backed by the U.S. and NATO is Israel's revenge for Hezbollah's victory in the summer of 2006.

Israel decided that since it couldn't defeat Hezbollah conventionally it would help train, fund, arm, and direct tens of thousands of suicide bombers and terrorists to destroy her enemies from within, starting in Syria.

Both sides of this war are pursuing very vile and evil policies at the expense of peace, security, and prosperity for the peoples they're supposedly leading.

What does the liberation of Palestine do for the minorities in the north of Syria who have become ISIS's target, or for average Syrians in Aleppo and Damascus who just want to live a normal and productive life? Why must the peoples of Syria and other countries suffer for Palestinians to be free when Palestinians themselves could care less about the freedom of these peoples?

Why are Palestinians considered more holy than Syrians, Kurds, Syriac Christians, Assyrians, Ezidis, etc?

The leaders of Syria, Hezbollah and Iran have a lot to answer for, as do the leaders of Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and America who continue to believe that funding, training, and arming ISIS is a brilliant idea.

The big losers of this needless war have been the peoples of Syria. Hundreds of thousands have died. Millions more have been made refugees. Children and women have been taken captive by ISIS terrorists, to be sold and used as they see fit. Cities have been destroyed. The country has been hollowed out. Ancient artifacts have been either stolen or destroyed.

And is Palestine more free today than it was in 2011 when this war went into full swing? Is Israel in greater danger today of being conquered by Muslims?

The answer is no.

Israel has not suffered. Israelis live in safety. They are not living under ISIS terror. Muslims have suffered the most at the hands of ISIS. That fact must never be forgotten.

But Muslims must be honest with themselves.

Their disunity has harmed them immensely. Their enmity towards Israel and irrational refusal to recognize its existence among the family of nations has only brought them destruction and despair. Their leaders have abused their gullibility by directing blame for every fault in their societies at Zionists. Their oppression of the Kurds has provided America and Israel with a dagger to be used against them at will and then put back in their pocket for later use.

It is safe to say that Israel and America have won this round by making ISIS a political, social, geographical, and religious presence on the map of the Middle East. The Jihadist terrorist state they have given birth to will remain a menace in the region for years and years to come. 

And it would not have been possible without the services of Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, UAE, and Qatar.

Lame U.S. Tries To Wash Its Hands Off Of Turkey's Operation ISIS Shield, As Iran, Assad, And Russia Look On With Approval

Number of ISIS terrorists killed by Obama and Erdogan = Zero.

An excerpt from, "Turkish forces deepen push into Syria, draw U.S. rebuke over their target" by Lisa Barrington and Umit Bektas, Reuters, August 29, 2016:
Turkish-backed forces pushed deeper into northern Syria on Monday and drew a rebuke from NATO ally the United States, which said it was concerned the battle for territory had shifted away from targeting Islamic State.

At the start of Turkey's now almost week-long cross-border offensive, Turkish tanks, artillery and warplanes provided Syrian rebel allies with the firepower to capture swiftly the Syrian frontier town of Jarablus from Islamic State militants.

Since then, Turkish forces have mainly pushed into areas controlled by fighters aligned to the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), a coalition that encompasses the Kurdish YPG militia and which has been backed by Washington to fight the jihadists.
An excerpt from, "Moscow doesn’t want the Kurds to be too strong or too weak: Russian analyst" ARA News, August 28, 2016:
“Those statements are just usual rhetoric; it is always necessary to see if the words fit with the deed. I think now Russia wouldn’t mind that Kurdish positions be a little weakened by Turkey, but not to the extent that would render Kurds ineffective against other opposition groups in Syria. In short, Russia doesn’t want to see Kurds both as too weak and too strong,” he said.
An excerpt from, "Report: Iran Mediating Reconciliation Between Turkey, Syria" By Ali Waked, Breitbart, August 24, 2016:
The newspaper reported that Iranian sources in Turkey confirmed the reports of secret contacts between representatives of Syrian President Bashar Assad and representatives of the Turkish government. These contacts are intended to bring about a reconciliation between Assad and Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

According to Asharq Al-Awsat, a senior diplomat is leading the discussions from the Turkish side, along with Ismail Haqi, a Turkish army general who led negotiations with Syria during the 1998 crisis between the two countries over the leader of Kurdish PKK activists Abdullah Ocalan.

Haqi visited Damascus and met with senior Syrian officials, including the number two man of the ruling Ba’ath party, Abdullah Alahmar, and the commander of Syria’s National Security Council, general Ali Mamluk, as well as Foreign Minister Walid Muallam.

A Brave British Woman Challenges Ignorant, Self-Righteous Muslims At A Pro-Sharia Rally

私は小さなクルド人です on Twitter

August 28, 2016

NATO And Turkey Demolish Villages In North Syria, Will Set Up Refugee Camps On Seized Land To Protect And Produce More ISIS Terrorists

"In its attempt to carry out its purpose to resolve the Armenian question by the destruction of the Armenian race, the Turkish government has refused to be deterred neither by our representations, nor by those of the American Embassy, nor by the delegate of the Pope, nor by the threats of the Allied Powers, nor in deference to the public opinion of the West representing one-half of the world." - Count Paul Wolff Metternich, Germany's ambassador to the Ottoman Empire in 1915.

If Turkey and NATO have their way then Syria will be a Jihad factory for decades to come, similar to the AfPak region under US-NATO-Pakistani management.

Pakistan, Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and America will pump out their Jihadists terrorists to Russia, China, India, Europe, Iran, Lebanon, etc.

There will be no security, no peace, and no such thing as "democracy" in Syria, just as there are none of these things in Afghanistan after 15 years of NATO rule in the country.

If NATO and Turkey achieve their evil objectives and ram their plan down the throats of the peoples of Syria then ISIS will only grow in the years to come.

NATO and Turkey are seeking to create an environment, and Turkish-run refugee camps are a big part of it, in which ISIS is left alone to produce more suicide bombers and terrorists to strike the Kurds, Hezbollah, Iranian-backed militias, Assad loyalists, minority self-defense forces, local gangs, moderate tribes, whoever they want.

These NATO-sanctioned refugee camps will be professionally run Jihadist factories. ISIS terrorists will be able to recruit and rape all day and night.

Groups trying to defeat ISIS will be prevented from attacking these refugee camps/Jihadist factories by the U.S., NATO, UN, and the "international community" based on humanitarian grounds. They will be accused of attacking humanitarian camps and violating the safety of refugees. It is the perfect cover.

But these evil criminals won't succeed. NATO and Turkey are already facing steep resistance from the population. They are resorting to flat out terrorism, to the tactic of mowing down innocent civilians to scare off the people and seize the lands they're living on.

Is this Erdogan's plan? Is it NATO's plan? To wipe out the Kurds? Wipe out the Assyrians and Syriac Christians? Wipe out all moderate Arab tribes? What are they going to do? Kill them all?

Given Turkey's history of genocide and ethnic cleansing, that's actually a very real possibility. And since Erdogan is a mad man who thinks he is divinely sanctioned by God he will use Islam to justify his atrocities and naked aggression just like ISIS has done. 

An excerpt from, "Turkey Told UNSC of Aug 24 Military Action Citing Article 51 But Not Kurds, Syria Interview Spiked" By Matthew Russell Lee, Inner City Press, August 28, 2016:
As Turkey's August 24 military operations inside Syria began, in New York the Turkish mission filed a letter with the UN Security Council, which Inner City Press puts online here.

In the letter, Turkey's outgoing Permanent Representative to the UN Halit Cevik cited not only Article 51 of the UN Charter but also UNSC resolutions 1373, 2170 and 2178. It does not mention the Kurds but only DEASH (sic).

Turkey's letter states among other things that “Turkey initiated a military operation in the early hours of August 24, 2016, against DEASH which has been directly and deliberately targeting Turkey.” It states that Turkey respects Syria's territorial integrity and political unity. The word sovereignty is not used, but “political transition” is.
Video Title: Erdogan vows fight against ISIL and Kurds in Syria. Source: CCTV News. Date Published: August 28, 2016. Description: 
Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has warned that his country's pursuit of militant groups will be unrelenting. Turkey launched a two-pronged offensive against ISIL and Kurdish militia in Syria on Wednesday. But as CCTV’s correspondent Natalie Carney reports, people fear the move may complicate the situation in Syria and at home.